I need help picking a costume for PAX East, next month.  I have no materials yet, but these are the ones I’m thinking of trying.  If anyone has any ideas or can help me figure out how to make any of them work relatively well, let me know.  I’d also take votes on what anyone thinks I should do.

I think Break Man and Meta Knight are probably the least likely right now because I’d have to create a helmet/mask, shoulderpads or arm cannon.  I could get suit jackets for Mask or Jigen, a zentai suit for the Feel the Magic character (plus order another fish t-shirt).  CommanderVideo would be hard to pull off well short of using a cardboard box, but it would be funny.  I think the Rocket Grunt would be the easiest, but I’m not sure what I want to do and time is running out!

I’d love to do a suited Phanto equipped with a large key, probably made out of PVC pipe or plastic or something, maybe plastically chained to the costume… Not sure.

Any and all followers:  Feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially if you know of good places to get things crafted or good avenues to find costume materials.  I have never cosplayed before (unless 3rd grade, dressing as Mario for Halloween counted).

  1. electricgiga answered: The Phanto seems like an awesome idea!
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